Starting Ministry in Las Vegas

Dear friends, many of you know that we just finished a three months preaching tour down the coast, from Seattle to San Diego - ending in Phoenix. We are preparing to return to Las Vegas to finally start this ministry.  The Lord continues to confirm that we are going to start a church and a Children's Home.

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Our Radio Program - Good News Seattle .org

Just a quick note to remind you to check out our radio show, "Good News Seattle" at  You can listen to recent shows online for free!  Robert would love for you to reach out and say Hello.  You can contact him here or at the radio show website.  We hope you are blessed and discover the way of God as Robert encourages us all towards, not religion, but Jesus!!  Jesus saves!  Its such a good story!!  It's such GOOD NEWS!!  God Bless!


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"Restoring the Family of God - Jesus did not start a Religion"

The First Family Adam and Eve chose the trust the wrong god, turning their backs on eternity and inheriting the curse of the flesh. Immediately this fear overcame them and they “hid themselves from God” (their Father). This fear, this curse would then overwhelm the whole of God’s creation, until only one man, Noah, would remain chosen before the throne of God.

The men of creation chose generation after generation to leave the goodness of God and receive instead this curse; refusing to repent, they continued in the iniquity until God sent a flood to save Noah and his seven family members from the evil. Such a tragic and sorrowful beginning to a long and incredible, epic story about to unfold over time!

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The Book - Order Online -  

Some of you know the many years I have been working on this project.
It is finally published!
You can purchase a print copy and a digital copy both on Amazon
Click this link to purchase the book. 

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