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Starting Ministry in Las Vegas

Dear friends, many of you know that we just finished a three months preaching tour down the coast, from Seattle to San Diego - ending in Phoenix. We are preparing to return to Las Vegas to finally start this ministry.  The Lord continues to confirm that we are going to start a church and a Children's Home.

The Children's Home is an overwhelming project because of all the politics involved. So far the city of Las Vegas and Clark County has been welcoming.  I am eager to move ahead but I can only move forward at the pace the Lord is allowing me. There is much to do!

It is estimated that at any given day there are as many as 1,700 homeless children (below the age of 18) throughout Clark County! Not many of them are sleeping on the streets but they are couch surfing, living with friends or sleeping in cars. The drug epidemic has seemed to have had the largest influence on these children being driven from their homes.

Absolutely connect with me if you have a heart for the kids and/or want to be involved with the church we are planting out of our house!

They interviewed me recently on the radio in Las Vegas.  Here is the Link.