About "JesusNotReligion.org" 

The public ministry of Jesus Christ only lasted for a few short years yet the whole world continues to talk about Him. He has the most famous name on earth, without a doubt! Yet Jesus never built a building, assembled an army or ascended to a throne. 


He had twelve friends. We know them today as His Apostles or Disciples but He called them friends. Jesus' twelve friends mostly died as He died, without much esteem, without much fanfare, they were martyred as Jesus was martyred, in obscurity. Yet to this day the books they wrote remain the best selling books on earth, within the Holy Bible! 


We have no record of any of these unique men building a religion in Jesus' name. Jesus built nothing so why would His own students?  Does not the student follow the teachings of their Master?  Jesus was a Jew.  He was never anything but a Jewish man, born into a Jewish family.  He did not start a new religion called, "Christianity".


There was never any intention, not on Jesus part, not on the part of His friends, to create a division between the Jewish people who did not believe Jesus was/is the Messiah and those who believed not. There was never an intention on the part of any of His Apostle's to create division between the Gentiles who believed in Jesus as Messiah and the Jews who believed. These divisions certainly came in time but they were not created by the message and teachings of Christ.


Certainly Jesus gave to the world a New Covenant. He gave a New Covenant to first The Jewish people, but then He said that He would give it also to the whole world, unto any man who would receive Him. But a New Covenant in no way signifies a New Religion, perhaps a new belief, but not a new religion.


Religion at its core is man made. This kind of religion can be defined, "mans attempt to come to know God." But God gave man the Way to come to know Him, He gave to the whole world His only Son, Jesus. In His name there is unity for every nation, people, tongue and family. Outside of His name there will be only division.


Men divide because we are broken, lost, afraid and cursed. But Jesus came and broke the curse!  We are not cursed in His name, but blessed!  We are not fearful anymore but full of His love! We are not lost because His light has shined upon our hearts and we can see now, even if its dimly, we can see! We are broken but broken by the hand of God, made new, made better, made soft and compassionate. Our hardened hearts have been broken and He has given us new hearts, hearts of flesh and blood, hearts that feel, hearts that break for the lost and dying people of the world!


He has given to us, unto every man who would receive Him, His Holy Spirit.  And now, even as broken vessels, that gift from God, His Holy Spirit works thru us and we shine with Christ, as the Light of the World!  Now are we the true family of God. Some of us are of the original tree who is Israel and some of us were grafted in, as once alien but now are we the family of God, in Jesus name! Amen.


A family can not be described as a religion, not in any way.  A religion is created by the hands of men but a family is birthed by God!  What man can create life within the womb, make it grow and bring the child to birth!? Men have been striving against their God for centuries but God in His mercy has never given up on us.  He continues to birth His own family right in the midst of all this brokenness.  And unto anyone who should call upon His Holy name they will be born-anew, born-again! Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord, Jesus, will be born into the family of God!


What is birthed is made by the hand of God and we call that unity not a religion but a family.  Behold, we are the family of God in Jesus name.  Amen.  There is no other name to define us, no building to contain us, no other doctrine to show us the way. So we tell the world about Jesus, about His family, about God's desire to love the world and often we are hated for it. Because men hate the truth but love the darkness. Brothers and sisters, this should not be so.


Religion will continue to divide because walls will always divide. Religion will continue to separate because their is only unity in One Name, the name before every name named! And God made sure only Jesus name would carry this power, The Father has thus glorified the Son! There is no religion in heaven. Its perfect there. There we are finally and forever the true and living family of God! 


Such a promise we have coming to us.  But not only then, this promise is for now! We can live this kingdom of earth.  Jesus said so, "The kingdom of heaven is at hand!" It's within our grasp!  We can reach out and take hold of it, by His Spirit!  Should only we chose to do so. Should only we trust Him (and lean not on our own understanding).


This has been the gospel of the kingdom since Jesus came and proclaimed it.  This is the gospel that I pray I am able to deliver perfectly in His name. It is the Truth that Jesus came to give to the world. God is love. He is our Father, our Father who loves us. We are His children. We are the family of God, in Jesus name.  Amen.


God is done with these religions. Its time to prepare for eternity and believe!  Its time to let Him make us His family, One 

Family, One Body, One Church, Jew and Gentile alike, living by His Spirit in agreement!


Such a wonderful and incredible time we live in!


Such an incredible time to be alive!


Our Father is finishing everything He started thru His Son!


It's so exciting sometimes its hard to eat, its hard to sleep...


Our Jesus is returning for us! Just as He promised!


Prepare your hearts children of God.  Prepare yourselves to stand before the goodness and glory of our God!  We see the signs, we see the time is at hand... tell the world!  Let us prepare ourselves and tell the whole world of His love!  There has never been a better time before to live in the presence of God, out in the midst of the world!


You shine for Jesus, Holy Church! Come out from hiding. Come out from your buildings, out from your other doctrines, away from your fears and doubts and come to walk with your God! It will take courage but He will be with us!  The darkness can be a bit frightening but only if we are not full of His Light!  So be filled with the Holy Spirit and Go!  Make the darkness, light!  Give them the love of God! in Jesus holy and mighty name.


It will be the greatest reward, so great that you can not imagine it!


You shine Holy Church!  You are the Light of the World!


You are the city on a hill whose light can not be hid.


We are blessed.


Now lets go be a blessing...


In Jesus name.