Encouraging a Nation: A Letter to President Trump

Dear Mr President,

I wanted to say Thank you. It's been amazing watching you since your election! I don't think anyone would have guessed this is what you would do with your position! Absolutely amazing...I had a dream about you a few months before you formally announced that you would be running for President. 

"I was in your campaign headquarters. It was busy as one would expect and then you walked in with your security detail and secret service. You proceeded to kick everybody out of the room and told me to sit on a certain set on couches. The secret service stayed in the room and you abruptly motioned to them to leave, "You guys too." The secret service started to argue with you and you said, "What is he going to do, preach me to death!? I'm fine - I want to be alone with him." And after everyone left the room you said to me, "I have heard all about Jesus but tell me about this gospel you have been preaching..." You sat down and I proceeded to preach to you..."

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Palu, Indonesia - The Unwritten Story

Oct 4th 2018

Let me start by saying my wife's family is from Palu, three generations ago her great-grandfather traveled by horse from Manado, Indonesia (Manado is near to where the volcano just went off) to Palu in Central Sulawesi. The trip takes 24 hours today by bus, driving through lush tropical jungles on winding roads, it must have taken him days to get there by horse! Her great-grandfather was one of the first Christians ever to settle in Palu.

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"The Spirit of Elijah"  

April 17th 2017 

 I don't know how personal I want to get on my website, but I do want to share about the most rewarding and the most difficult relationship in my life... my relationship with my earthly father. 

If you have read my book you have read about me meeting my dad when I was a full grown (young) man. He did not raise me but by the will of God, he and I met years later. I had a step-father who raised me and I have taken his name. 

I have not been the best son throughout my life. Looking back at my life with my step-father, I can say that at best I was a mediocre son. You see, I am a father now and I see things differently. There are things I wish my children understood about being good children for their parents and its all making me to realize what a mediocre son I was to my dad. Sure things were hard over the years. I don't think I am being too hard on myself when I say, I wish I had given him mercy instead of being afraid of him... 

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The "Freedom" of Speech 

April 17th 2017

For the saving of America, I would like to make an appeal to my friends. It's hard to put a finger on where this problem began, so lets not have that discussion here and now. Instead lets talk about the morale of our The United States of America (we could even discuss how our morale affects the world.)

Avoiding who is right and who is wrong... Let's talk about the power of our words and the power they have to create and destroy. Yes, we have in America a Freedom to express ourselves. And that Freedom, along with Freedom in general, comes with many responsibilities. Let me paint a picture, I have a "freedom" to treat the garden in my backyard with whatever care or carelessness I so choose. Caring for my garden it will flourish and forgetting about my garden, or worse yet despising my garden and trampling it... what will become of its fruit?

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Divisions will come: But not in Christ 

I have been grieved since all of last weeks news, many men being shot and watching a racial divide worsen...Our nation seems to be divided more than ever before in my lifetime (I am nearly 40 year old). Racial Divisions, Political Divisions, Nations divided against nations and worst of all, the divisions within the Church...

It seems we have an enemy who is a mastermind strategist, his plan is becoming clearer and clearer, "Divide and Conquer". Every military man knows a divided army will not stand against an attack. Bring "confusion and fear into the camp", its an old strategy... and it works every time!! Jesus said it. Many of you know the scripture well, "A house divided against itself will not stand."

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