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An Open Letter to President Vladimir V Putin

by Robert Anthony
Oct 7th 2022

Dear Mr. President,

   What an incredibly complex time to have your job. The world has been at war already for quite a while, howbeit not always a conventional war but more of an economic war, political war, cyber-war, perhaps every other kind of non-kinetic warfare (trying to avoid WW3) for some two decades now. Clearly the nations have never had a tougher time to peacefully agree on terms, and the chasm between us all only seems to be growing. I do not envy you for the position you have neither for the decisions you are making for your people and the nations of the world.

   The complexities created from the vast moral and social differences among the warring groups of the world are certainly making communication and agreement all but impossible. How to sit down at a negotiating table when the parties are literally worlds apart? The world order that was established following the second world war has brought us all to this 21st century – for the good and the bad of the families of the earth. I have personally been to your nation and traveled from the far-east to Moscow on that comfortable train during autumn, passed Lake Baikal and seen much of your homeland, even while the changing-leaves decorated the landscape with bursts of light, fiery-reds, hews of orange and yellow, such beauty! Your people touched my heart dearly as my newly pregnant wife and I lived with your countrymen for a good month. I admire the esteem your people have for old-world values, I admire your nationalism, work-ethic, arts and culture, sincerely. We will always cherish our time in Russia.

   To empathize with you, I cannot imagine trying to navigate the extreme changes that come with US Elections, that is to say, US regime changes, hoping that an administration comes to power to push back on this radical social agenda which we see throughout America and Europe’s ruling elite: these Walls Street Titans and the old-money families spread throughout Western Culture. The West has practically forced you into the hands of China and other near and far eastern nations in which to partner, to create a force able to withstand this push into moral decay and depravity. Many of us see the same sad and terrifying saga, unfolding over the past couple decades especially, and are hoping and praying for a swift salvation from it.

   While the whole world has eyes on you, watching the news for what President Vladimir Putin might do next, I would like to encourage you on your 70th Birthday Sir. You are in a very unique position to bring about the worst of the horrors of last days those prophesied thousands of years ago by holy men of God, as a warning to this generation – but you are also in a very unique position to withstand the end to this age and allow the world to continue for another generation or even longer! The decision you are making today, and in the days ahead, could very well put us on a collision course to a destiny that none of us of this generation are hoping to endure. Personally, I hope to live to see my children grow and marry, I hope to hold grandchildren on my knee one day and tell them the stories of my life, the good stories, the story of God blessing us all and saving us over and again from certain destruction. I believe this desire is also somewhere in your heart, Sir and I pray this letter provokes that in you.

   And I pray for you now, with all the complexities of your own nation’s evils and politics as well as the politics and evils of the world, I pray that God would give you a new and supernatural way out of this World War III scenario. I pray that instead of uniting the enemies of west against all the grievances you certainly should have against us, I pray that Russia would become a holy nation, that China would become a holy nation: that Iran, North Korea, Turkey and others throughout the east would choose their own holiness, sanctity and morality instead of trying to force the west away from these ungodly policies that they/we have been exporting to the world. War will not solve this great divide but only ensure an entire generation of suffering and hardship upon all the families of the earth. A war will not fix these deep-rooted differences but a spiritual awakening back to “Love the Lord your God” and “Love thy neighbor” by the power of the Spirit of the Living God is truly our only way out.

   We all know you to be incredibly smart and talented. I pray now that you engage your best intellect, talents, counsel and wisdom for us all and find another way to solve these real and alarming social-economic-spiritual problems without a full-scale war. I pray that there appears in the thick of the battle a path for you to save face with your people and the people of the world but still refuse these troubling “progressive” ideas being forcibly doled out, without engagement in all-out war. I almost want to apologize that you are in the position you are but we have to trust God in these times, that if He put you there, He will equip you and give you the wisdom to lead even when it seems there aren’t options. But there is always Hope with our God and Father, He remains a miracle working God. I know you have read the Holy Scriptures.

   On this your 70th birthday, I give to you the gift of prayer and supplication on your behalf and on the behalf of the Russian people. We may be worlds apart, cultures apart, generations apart but still I will enlist my praying friends and we will commit you and your nation to our prayers, diligently, over the next week or more, believing that God will give you a way to lead us out of this quickly unfolding disaster and be the hero that you certainly have inside of you to be! Perhaps it was for this moment you were born? To push back the darkness and give the families of the world one more generation to live at peace, learning to love each other thru our differences and faults. I pray this is how you come to be remembered, like the great men before you who found a way to make peace when they seem to have run out of options and instead came to bless their homeland with prosperity and great joy!

Praying even now on your behalf,

Robert Anthony

Author. Minister.

Husband and father.