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Friends, Please reach out to us.  We are building a group of intercessors and prayer warriors - the Lord has it on our hearts to pray for China: Pray for Revival, Pray for the Government of China, Pray for Kindness, Empathy and Love to penetrate all throughout China, Pray that China has a tremendous desire to Forgive the things US Politics have done wrong to them and to Desire to get along with specifically USA.

It is an urgent hour - The beating of the drums of war continue to rise.  Iran especially is preparing to act against the lovers of freedom and peace.  We must pray that China will not support anything that looks like aggression against peaceful and innocent nations.  Iran continues to wreak havoc against in several nations throughout the middle east.  China has power to help restore peace or not. 

We are asking for the intercessors to pray!  You don't need to pray but pray with us in Spirit!  Pray with us because you know this is what the Lord is asking of us.  China and America getting along will bless the whole world!  Most of what these two nations war about has to do with business and money.  What ugly ugly things to go to war over... more money, more business, etc.  There is MORE THAN ENOUGH in God's abundant world. There's no purpose to go to war over more... more wealth... more money... more business.. Killing innocent young men and women in our armies for more money is unacceptable.

Thank you friends for praying.  We are preparing to act in 30-days of intercession for US/China relations, and for the nation of China as a whole.  Jesus Bless You!  - Robert Anthony