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Divisions will come: But not in Christ 

I have been grieved since all of last weeks news, many men being shot and watching a racial divide worsen...Our nation seems to be divided more than ever before in my lifetime (I am nearly 40 year old). Racial Divisions, Political Divisions, Nations divided against nations and worst of all, the divisions within the Church...

It seems we have an enemy who is a mastermind strategist, his plan is becoming clearer and clearer, "Divide and Conquer". Every military man knows a divided army will not stand against an attack. Bring "confusion and fear into the camp", its an old strategy... and it works every time!! Jesus said it. Many of you know the scripture well, "A house divided against itself will not stand."

But this is old news. So many of you reading this are mature men of God knowing the scriptures well and knowing truth from error. So then why suddenly are so many getting swept away in this delusion? Why are we getting so worked up as if this tactic is something new...?

Will there ever come Unity outside of Christ? Can men agree without the Spirit of God? You men of God are men of Truth... You certainly understand of the things I write... so perhaps this is for our remembrance...We still wrestle against spiritual forces in high places... wickedness... this is the kingdom of God... as Paul wrote, in Ephesians 6:12, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." 

It will never work, fighting a spiritual battle in a fleshly way... this is not a time for the Body of Christ to divide... unless we want to live in Defeat...I love the brothers, I really do... You men of God who continue to run to Him regardless of what your eyes see, you are The Men of Faith! Men who see what others do not see because you see by the Spirit, with eyes full of the love of God! (We can not say we love God and yet hate our brother...)

The power of God has been given to us. The power of God has not been given to the world because the lusts of the flesh drive them away from Christ and further into their fears... but we have been given The Power from the Most High God, as promised from our Lord Jesus, "I will send to you The Comforter"

This power we have received of Him gives us a supernatural ability to remain in His love... because His love has been revealed to us.... "There is no fear in love but perfect love casts out fear..." I John 4:18 So why are we acting as if our Father is not listening to us? Why wont we go to Him??? So many remain in bondage to these fears... It has been written "As the blind leads the blind eventually everyone falls into a ditch." And, "There is none who are righteous, no not one." 

Why do we go to each other looking for answers to questions so difficult to comprehend? So much of our lives are taken up with lost causes, hours and days we will never get back, worrying about "Who will save us" If we, men of God, believed in the love of God, our days would be lived differently. In our suffering we would Praise Him! (knowing that He has overcome!) In our grieving we would run to Him. (Knowing that He is Good and the Healer of broken hearts.) When fear raises its wicked head, we would command it back to hell with the power of the Word of God! And we would live as freemen, as those at Liberty (in Christ)... FREE!!!

But too often we give into our flesh, we surrender to our enemy and he charges through the camp, wreaking havoc and destruction... "the thief comes but to steal and kill and destroy..." Our Father knows we are hurting, afraid (like children), offended, lost... He knows... thats why He gave us Jesus... and thats why Jesus gave us the Holy Ghost... The Comforter. He gave to us that we would have LIFE and live it MORE ABUNDANTLY!! (This remains the Word of God.)

Its a temptation to suddenly become fleshly - and rage as the heathen to rage. Its a temptation to put down our shield of faith and sword of the spirit (Ephesians 6:10-18) and suddenly fight as the world does fight... but ALL the rewards of our God come by FAITH, Hebrews 11:6, "But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him."Jesus speaks to storms and they SUDDENLY STOP. Or dont we believe? Jesus is risen from the dead!! Or do we not believe??? 

Either Jesus is capable of saving, or He isn't and our entire faith is in vain. Either He is God (and we are not) or else The Word of God is of no effect... And if He is God then why don't we run to Him? If He is Salvation, why don't we Cry Out to Him!? We look at the wind and the waves... we talk about how scary the storm is and convince each other that it is not safe and so we refuse to get out of the boat... the few of us who do, look back, looking around at the wind and the waves and our fear get the best of us... But Jesus is stronger than that!!! He wont let us drown... He will save us... EVERY TIME!

I write to myself, even as I encourage you brothers. These are the last days and its going to continue to be full of temptations to take our eyes off of the PRIZE, who is Jesus... There will be many temptations to leave THIS gospel we have received of Him and follow the folly of the world into destruction. There will continue to be the temptation of listening to the fear instead of the KING OF GLORY!! It would be better that we could just sit in His presence and receive Comfort. 

Let me prophesy, Our God is preparing to do the greatest work since the foundations of the world were laid. He is preparing a generation to stand before Him (I should say "bow before Him") and see Him face to face! He is preparing a whole generation of Enoch's, who find favor with their God. He is preparing a whole generation of Elijah's, who will never taste death! He has declared these things long ago... 

The brothers are coming together, today, of every tribe, tongue, nation and race! The Spirit of God brings us together, as One, in Christ, in agreement, without fear or a wicked heart of unbelief... but He makes us One in His love... Its happening all over the world... God is finishing what He started so long ago... Soon we will see, face to face, soon we will see all these things so much more clearly... because the flesh will be no more.... 

There is so much Good News!!

Go and Publish this Gospel among yourselves!!!

"Our God is Mighty to Save!!

"I love you brothers, I really do... I hope for you, I shed tears for you and I am filled with great joy seeing what God is doing in the Body of Christ!! There is HOPE in our future!

Jesus is coming...And His reward is with Him!

What an exciting time to be alive!

More to come! 

 - Robert