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Palu, Indonesia - The Unwritten Story

Oct 4th 2018

Let me start by saying my wife's family is from Palu, three generations ago her great-grandfather traveled by horse from Manado, Indonesia (Manado is near to where the volcano just went off) to Palu in Central Sulawesi. The trip takes 24 hours today by bus, driving through lush tropical jungles on winding roads, it must have taken him days to get there by horse! Her great-grandfather was one of the first Christians ever to settle in Palu.

Palu is an extremely Muslim city in Indonesia. I have personally spent time there after my wife and I married in 2012. The mall where I bought a watch for my mother-in-law is in ruins (see picture) and will have to be completely rebuilt because of a 7.5-7.7 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that destroyed much of the region. And when I say "destroyed" I mean as much as 50% of every structure, infrastructure and development will have to be torn down and rebuilt.

This is certainly one of the worst natural disasters ever to hit the island of Sulawesi and Indonesia.There have been several towns cut off from rescue workers and aid reaching them. Roads have been washed away and destroyed so much so that they are completely impassable. By the time they reach all those places and people the count of lives lost could be well over 10,000! I pray that is not the case.

Everyday we have been texting and talking with my wife's family and we learn more and more of the bad news. We Praise God that none of her family was injured very badly. But my mother-in-law lost her investment property, she had 4 apartments that will have to be torn down and rebuilt, she has not been able to reach her personal residence because it is back further in the mountains and the roads are impassable. Her brother, my wife's Uncle, lost the home that he built only a few years ago. His life's savings went into that home.

Indonesia is not like the western world in that property insurance is just for the rich. Certainly everyone can get property insurance but it is so expensive that it is usually the rich who choose to get a policy. Palu and those surrounding towns are in ruins and the people have little withwhich to rebuild. This is a tragedy that has effected a near countless many families throughout Sulawesi. It will be years before Palu will be restored.

On a positive note, it is an amazing time for missionaries to go to Palu to show the love of God to all those hurting people. There are hundreds if not thousands of parents who lost their children, there are hundreds if not thousands of children who lost their parents. We must pray that Jesus goes to Palu, with Healing in His wings, and shows the people of Palu just how much God loves them!If you are wanting to go to Palu to serve feel free to connect with me and my wife.

If the Lord is calling you to go and serve the people feel free to reach out, Click Here. Prayerfully we will connect you with some of our friends and family to serve the people of Palu.Thank you for praying for my wife's family, her mothers name is Rita and her uncle's names are Frankie and Tony. They are a lovely family of Christians who have been showing Jesus to the people of Palu now four generations!

Thank you for praying that the people of Palu have a revival and come to know who is the love of God, His only begotten Son, Our Jesus!! Prayers work! God hears us!

Thank you for considering the saints and the people of Palu...

Jesus is coming back!!
It's a good time to love people!!
It's a good time to pray!!

All His love to you,