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Piercing the Veil

     It's as if there are two very distinct powers upon the earth: a power that leads to life and a very different power to destruction. These powers are subtle at first, neither of them begin where they end up, for instance: a man doesnt wake up day one ready to convince the mother of his child to destroy the baby in the womb but slowly, subtly the man is convinced within himself that killing the unborn is better for everyone. And the same subtly pertains also to life! Walking in a forest in the cool of the day, praying, contemplating life, talking to God about these things, one isn't immediately convinced that he is feeding his own spirit and soul the very life of creation. A man doesn't destroy himself or his family in a moment neither does he come to life overnight.

      "A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things." Therefore, "Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life."

     As a young man I was convinced I should 'follow my heart'. That there was some divine intuition coming from my soul to give me the path to life I was hoping after. But how often my heart misled me. It would seem there is something broken inside of us.

     Sometimes I feel as though I am wrestling my soul and heart into submission. "Be good!" I shout at them. But they quietly whispers back, "We are broken, O Who can mend us? Can you?" I would present my heart and soul to anyone I thought that might help. But as the blind leads the blind eventually everyone falls into the ditch. I came to know that pit all to well and I avoid it like the plague. Those who can their own heart and soul from destruction, they would surely have victory over the world.

     And where does this destruction come from? Is it within the hearts of men or is there more to the story? I look around desiring to give the world a gift: to lift the poor out of their suffering, to comfort the multitudes who mourn, to pour an ointment on the hearts that fear and cause them to finally come to rest. But it seems the power of destruction and death is too strong to disarm by myself. This destruction waging war on the souls of men is like at first honey to the lips but then bitterness and evil once it is swallowed. Who can withstand its temptation? So with a heavy heart I watch the world dry up like the most parched of deserts, wherein only sand, mountains of sand can be found. Who can even survive in such a desert, let alone come to life and live it more abundantly?

     I called out, to find for myself an instructor and a wise man who would know the way to life. I sought for them among the crowds but found only noise, ambition, anxioty and a great and bottomless lust after the merchandising of men. So I went out into the wilderness places. There was much pain in the wilderness, also anger, fear and a condemnation. I turned to my God, I had to know if He saw the same vacuous and needy world that I seemed to have stumbled upon. In my minds eye I saw Him weeping - and I had my answer.

     So I left my family, I left my home, my city and eventually I left my nation behind. But everywhere I went it was the same: this power of destruction has its grip on the hearts and minds of man among every nation, tribe, language and family. But a quiet truth was there in midst of all that darkness, like a campfire on a hillside far away, I could see its light even with all that blackness. It was as if the light was speaking to me, it whispered in the night, "You are not alone." And somehow I was able to endure.


     There is no hope in this world, the world is bankrupt, I have seen it and remain convinced. Everything the world will try to do to save itself will fail. The enemy of this world is much stronger, she is much too seductive and enticing, the world has nothing to combat her, nothing. There is but one true message of hope and it begins with bitterness and sorrow, in the mouth it is sour and even painful to swallow, who on earth would want to receive such a thing? But this hope once received down into the belly will surely become a spring of life, bubbling up as a well that will never run dry, even into eternity. It is the truth: there is a hope for the world.

     But what if no man will come to the light? What if they all, what if we all desire the darkness and receive of its power of destruction and none come to the light? This is the condemnation that men loved the darkness rather than the light or else their deeds would be changed and to be made righteous. Why, O Earthly Man, do you store up for yourselves sustenance and even wealth yet have little to nothing in store for eternity to come? Your fear will be a witness against you that your hearts were corrupt and too few desired after life and life everlasting.

     In what would I commend you? In what would your God commend you? That you do good to those who do good to you? Even the sinners do that. Your constant and nagging desire to merely survive has put you at odds with heaven, how the light within you has dimmed. But we knew that there was no one righteous, no not one. We knew that and yet we exalted men above ourselves, to go up the mountain for us, to meet with our God and tell us of His righteousness. "How will we survive in His presence?" many have said, "He is an all-consuming fire, how can life come forth out of that fire?" And so we would not go up to meet Him.

     It's as if we chose the darkness and destruction because we refused to trust Him and come to rest - and we all did it, all of us. What is so terrible about coming to rest? O Wretched Soul, why do you still wrestle with your God? Let Him wash over you and keep you clean. There is something very broken within us, something that we can not fix. And we can not fix it for our brother, either. Something pulls us towards the power of hell and damnation, this darkness - I see it in the children, I see it in myself and all around me - something is at work against the children of men and we are powerless to stop it.


     This darkness wants to manifest itself upon the earth but something is holding it back. If this power of destruction is all powerful then why does life, even a fallen life, continue? Something keeps the darkness at bay, something or someone has set bounds to its borders and limits to its reign. Wicked men are not given absolute freedom to enslave and corrupt, wicked nations are unable to crush the world into submission, every such wicked empire that has risen has fallen and is found no more at all upon the earth. Men still celebrate the righteous for generations and the wicked they only whisper about in hushed tones, warning their children not to follow in their ways.

     The despair seems to have its limits, the iniquity can only go so far and then it stops, the evil does not have free reign. Why do we refuse to recognize the power of this sovereign force? Something and someone is out there giving the generations of men a chance and He is working with or without the help of men. Our power at best is weakness, the very best within us can only produce submission, agreement and finally rest. It seems we can do very little to bring salvation to the earth but we can do plenty to destroy and wreck havoc among the sons of men.

     Simply put, the power of life and creation is not ours. Some have been entrusted with it but who owns eternity? The power is simply not ours but we should come into agreement with it. We should submit to this power, we should submit to this truth: there is but one salvation for the children of men. And then, finally, we can come to rest. Perhaps the power of life will be entrusted to us? (To all those who will ask, receive.) We should agree with it, we should agree with Him... and rest.

     The wind moves the sails, the water brings the earth to life, the fire purifies - we can not own these forces, we can learn to work with them, we can partner with these forces but we still have to wait for the wind, we still have to hope for the rains to come, we still have to be very careful with the fire or else we can get burnt and burn others.

     Good exists. There is a light shining upon the earth and the evil does not have power over the light. Men do not have power over this Light. We should surrender to it. We should surrender to Him. There is One who never lied to us. He told us the Truth and only the Truth. We can agree with Him but we can not have any power over Him. Perhaps we can influence Him? Perhaps the light can shine through us as we purify ourselves and become precious, as priceless stones ready to radiate the glory of His Light but we are not that light. We should rest and let the light come to shine upon us and then through us.

     He told us that the darkness is only temporary. He has the power over the darkness. The light has always had the power over the darkness. He allows it for now. In the same way He withholds the darkness, He is withheld of Himself but not forever. The Light will be released in His day and the darkness will flee and then it will be found no more at all, for the fullness of time has come - and all things will be made new. There is only One who gave to us this fullness of Grace and Truth, only One. He truly is The Light of the World, just as He declared to us, "I am the Light of the world," He told us and did not lie but confessed to us, "No one will come to my Father [of lights] but through me."The darkness has nothing on Him.

     The darkness has nothing in Him. He is the Light which gives light unto all the children of men, whosoever would come to Him and receive of Him. He was kept hidden from us but is now been revealed. If you don't know Him, ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened. For all who seek in truth will find Him.

And for those who know His name,

We call Him,


(posted by Robert Anthony, April 13th the year of our Lord, 2021)