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The "Freedom" of Speech 

April 17th 2017

For the saving of America, I would like to make an appeal to my friends. It's hard to put a finger on where this problem began, so lets not have that discussion here and now. Instead lets talk about the morale of our The United States of America (we could even discuss how our morale affects the world.)

Avoiding who is right and who is wrong... Let's talk about the power of our words and the power they have to create and destroy. Yes, we have in America a Freedom to express ourselves. And that Freedom, along with Freedom in general, comes with many responsibilities. Let me paint a picture, I have a "freedom" to treat the garden in my backyard with whatever care or carelessness I so choose. Caring for my garden it will flourish and forgetting about my garden, or worse yet despising my garden and trampling it... what will become of its fruit?

So it is with all things of "Freedom". We are free to bless and to curse but at some point in time, cursing and cursing, won't someone want to step in to try to stop us!? What is the logic in thinking cursing our nation, cursing our fellow American's, cursing our President and those who have power over us, somehow we will end up Blessed???!!?? It defies reason

Simple logic would tell us that cursing will create a curse while blessing will create a blessing. I started to speak about this first when Obama was running for President because I noticed the "church world" using their "God-given right" to curse this man... to judge him and use their power to rise up against him... and then he became President. Now, clearly it wasn't "The Whole of Christendom" cursing Obama and hoping for his demise, but I met many and many of you remember all the conspiracies surrounding his Presidency.

I suppose I should say here that I am writing to "Christians" except I am not in my heart... In my heart I am writing to anyone of reason, who has a genuine concern for their fellow man. This principal is a Truth, whether we are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Sikh, Buddhist, etc. Our words, our "Freedom of Expression" has so much more power than we realize. Since I am a Jesus-follower I would start to quote the treasure-trove of scriptures we have on the subject... Our words carry tremendous power. God created the world as we know it with His Word. 

By in large the problem seems far too large and far too out-of-control for me to stop it, but that doesnt mean I won't use my words to bless. And having said that, I know many many true-believers who use there words to Bless! I have prayed and fasted with some of them for Obama, Trump, etc. I have many friends who understand this power and use it to spread the true gospel of the love of God and His Kingdom. Not all hope is lost... (like it often seems to be on the news...)

There seems to be this terrible curse dragging the world into an abyss. I can easily say it another way, "There is absolutely a curse, striving to drag the world into an abyss." What if men are so very innocent, powerless and childish. What I mean is, what if we could see this curse against us and learn of its power... I'm certain we would realize we are just not strong enough to win. Look at how we have tried... inventing, collaborating, theorizing, imagining... and what has worked? We are not without hope, unless we rely on men to defeat this giant... the curse striving against us.

What if these men started to bless each other?! I like to think that there was a day wherein rulers would simply agree to disagree. They wouldn't "go for the jugular" just in case they might be mistaken!? I like to think they there was a love in the hearts of our forefathers that kept them coming back to the table to debate, sure, argue even, sure, yell, holler, curse, sweat and battle to have their voices heard! I'm sure that their have been many many times this has happened throughout history (its recorded in the gospel of Acts even). But can't we love each other even while trying to lead, inspire, find our way, come to decisions... maybe its worth a fight because we believe so intently... but do we have to bring hate, destruction and all this venom into the equation?! 

I still tear up when I watch this scene in a movie called, "Lean on Me". It's one of my mother and I's favorite movie scene's of all time. In the scene a High School Principal (played amazingly I might add by Morgan Freeman), is in a heated disagreement with his superior. They are behind closed doors. (BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, shows that they have a genuine love and respect for one another, they understand morale and how they are trying to INSPIRE a group of people to become better and they understand that arguing in front of a group of parents and students will cause them to feel unsafe. And as leaders they must not allow their children to feel unsafe.) Its an awesome scene, they argue and yell, spit and even swear towards each other (if I remember the scene correctly) and then at the end, this is what the superior says to his subordinate, just after reminding him who is in charge, he calms himself down and says, "Now come on... Lets go get some lunch..."

The things facing our nation and world at large are so troubling... I wouldn't want to be in many of these important people's shoes. We can name them, Obama, Trump, McCain, Putin, Netanyahu, Xi, Moon, etc. Try to imagine the consequences of their actions. Try to imagine what they will have to live with should WW3 break out, should they loose their nations, should they destroy the momentum they have built and allow their people to fall into a depression or worse... America, Russia, Korea, Europe at large, Africa at large, Israel, etc. No one on earth has an exemption from suffering at times.

If we want to be a part of the solution rather than continuing to curse its time that we start to Bless and not to Curse. This is really a beginning in a long line or steps we must take to reverse the curse destroying our family (and Yes we are all a big huge family... science has proven it over and again... we all come from a common ancestor... the common name of a common ancestor is, father. If we all somewhere in our past have a common (fore)father that makes us All a family: white, black, yellow, red, brown... One Family.) I have never heard of a family who curses one another continually to survive. I am a man well-accustomed to divorce (which might as well be called, "The Death of a Family")

It is written all throughout the whole of Holy Scripture, "Life and death, blessing and cursing are set before us, Choose Life! that we might live it more abundantly." No where this encouragement have I implied that it is going to be easy, actually I talked about a scene in a movie where two men really go at it, in that scene you wonder if they won't go to blows, but in the end you see their love... and that's what makes all the difference. They love...

We aren't going to learn to love overnight. But certainly we can start with this simple message - Let's start to bless each other instead of curse. Let's speak words of life instead of death. Let's inspire change instead of waging war for it... the fear will come and try to convince us its not possible. And personally I have not found anyway to defeat the power of that fear outside of the name of the Lord...

I will continue to try my best to bless...

Many of you have done so for me also...

Prayerfully and in Christ our Messiah,                                      

- Robert