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Encouraging a Nation: A Letter to President Trump

Dear Mr President,

I wanted to say Thank you. It's been amazing watching you since your election! I don't think anyone would have guessed this is what you would do with your position! Absolutely amazing...I had a dream about you a few months before you formally announced that you would be running for President. 

"I was in your campaign headquarters. It was busy as one would expect and then you walked in with your security detail and secret service. You proceeded to kick everybody out of the room and told me to sit on a certain set on couches. The secret service stayed in the room and you abruptly motioned to them to leave, "You guys too." The secret service started to argue with you and you said, "What is he going to do, preach me to death!? I'm fine - I want to be alone with him." And after everyone left the room you said to me, "I have heard all about Jesus but tell me about this gospel you have been preaching..." You sat down and I proceeded to preach to you..."

As I woke up from the dream I heard the Lord say, "Donald Trump will receive me and when He does you will know that he will be the next President." It was amazing watching the debates and seeing you get closer and closer to what God had shown me.  I was working for the Army and Air Force at the time and a good friend, a Chaplain, would often chide me saying, "Your horse is running pretty good!" He was convinced Hillary would be the next President. We were all so amazed when my dream came true!! It was like watching a miracle unfold before our eyes!

I want you to know that many of us are very grateful to God the He put you in office. We are grateful that you have kept your word, with all your heart trying to keep your every promise and we are grateful for your genuine love for us and our country.

We aren't used to hero's. The generation that you are leading, especially those of us below 45 years old, we aren't accustomed to good news.  We are used to people letting us down: political leaders, church leaders, fathers, brothers, etc. I'm of the opinion that we have grown numb with all the bad news and it's been a process getting used to "winning" again. It's far too normal for us to be hurt, offended and lead to defeat.

We aren't used to being loved. So we don't trust very much. Conspiracy theories spread easily and the craziest ideas on YouTube get the most views because we simply stopped trusting society a long time ago. Most of us haven't trusted the news for the duration of our adult lives. I find myself wanting to stand up for you and love you out in public but I have been hesitant, I think I wanted to watch you longer to see what kind of a President you would really be!? President Trump, you have amazed me and so many of my friends. I have grown to trust you.

I don't need you to be perfect to be a hero.  But I have decided that I really love you. After watching how you have handled these things pertaining to war recently, I have especially grown to love you. Seems like Iran bombed the Saudi's and continue to cause trouble, Turkey seems to have invaded Syria, China has seemed to declare war on the people of faith: so many have been tough on you for your patient endurance and restraint. They seem angry that you did not send in the troops! Mr President, you must have a good heart!? These "troops" are friends of mine, people I grew up with, younger brothers and sisters. I really appreciate your patience and even meekness, makes me want to love you all the more. Thank you for caring about our soldiers and not being so quick to send them out to die for our nation...

Watching you and your beautiful family at the inauguration I heard the Lord say, "He is like a father to the fatherless... that's why he is going to have a difficult time."  Most of your enemies have huge hurts from their fathers, or lack thereof. If you really got to know them I am certain you would find what the Lord showed me is 100% accurate. These are very broken and hurting people trying to find a purpose in their lives, moreso trying to find something that will ease the hurting in their hearts. You are an unfortunate, easy target: a strong leader, a good father, on television all the time - reminding so many how they are hurting inside. It's not hard to see why they would take out so much of their pent up aggression on you.

If they were healthy they would understand that there are many many ways to disagree without hating someone.  If they had a whole heart they would grieve whenever they spoke such words of hatred and maleficence against you. I believe the more you understand what you are up against, the easier it will be for you to continue to love us/them, regardless of how we (as a nation) treat you. But I want you to know that you are very loved, by many of us! I want you to know that this minority does not speak for us all!

I see the saving of this nation come down to one very simple concept: we must figure out how to boost morale and bring the nation together. It's hard to love your enemies. It is. It's hard to love your enemies even moreso when they are the members of your own household (and of your own nation). But this is the only way our nation will be saved. We must choose love. We must choose love before and after we disagree, we must choose to love each other even in the midst of the most difficult arguments - otherwise our nation will not make it. We must choose love.

When President Obama was in office it was never hard for me to care about him. I saw him as a man with a very different mind-set than me, he had a very different life and therefore he came to a very different set of conclusions. I prayed for him certainly as much as I pray for you, if not more. I believe that he wanted to do good for us but was limited by his life experiences, childhood and spirituality. I believe he was limited by things he never received from a good father (Father) and was therefore limited in what he could do to truly bless the nation. I tried to honor him even though I often disagreed with the direction he wanted to take America. At times I disagreed with him so much I considered leaving the country and not returning. Even still, even in the midst of all this I could not agree with him on, I still loved him and love him to this day.

I want to encourage you Mr President, not that you need encouragement but I want you to know that we are behind you! Still, the greatest battles are ahead. Standing for righteousness and justice has only just begun.  The greatest battles still are ahead of us and our nation.  We have to turn up the flame and shine the love of God like never before - we won't be able to make it without this love, without His love.  Our love just isn't enough.  We are going to need a supernatural love to forgive them regardless of how terribly they ridicule, scoff and hate us. This kind of love is not naturally within man. We need the love of God.

Thank you President Trump for blessing Israel/Jerusalem, Thank you for standing up for the unborn children, Thank you for caring about our soldiers and others serving the nation, Thank you for going out of your way to bless our families and our young families, Thank you for putting your heart and soul into doing everything you can to bless our nation!  You are an inspiration and one of my new hero's!  I count it a privilege and an honor to pray for you and encourage others to do the same.

What you see on television is not a good representation of who truly live within the borders of our nation. I am sure you realize this, probably even better than I do. Our nation is full of God-fearing, people-loving families, fathers and mothers and families who are trying with all that is within them to do good for the generations following after. I don't fuly understand why some of the most hurting people on earth are drawn to the television and to fame? I like to turn off the television sometimes and look at my kids and my beautiful wife, sometimes I go out to the homeless, or with foster kids, with single mothers or abandoned young people, sometimes I like to go into the prisons or juvenile halls and sit with these who are hurting, I visit hospitals - suddenly my heart is filled, I remember who I am fighting for and I come alive!

It's a worth-while fight. In the end we won't regret any of it. In fact, at the last day we will grieve some, wishing that we fought harder than we did...

God Bless you President Trump. God Bless your family and those you call friends. The best is yet to come. We are behind you - but our God is before us! And with God before us - who can stand against us!?

With all my love and affection,

Robert Anthony