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Preparing for 30 Days of "Pray for China"

Christians, we have to pray for China.  We have to pray for the families in China, the Government of China, the business people, the rich people, the poor people, the Christians in China, the Muslim's in China... We have to pray for China!

It is an urgent hour. If America and the west do not find an agreement and peace with China we are headed for some very difficult times ahead - and those difficulties come from economics. China and America have been in business for so long but this business relationship is souring and fast!  Should China and America go to economic warfare, the whole world could very well end up falling into an economic depression.  Of all the nations in the world, we need the USA and China getting along.

These nations have so much to disagree about. I would rather not go into who has done right and who has done wrong.  I want to intercede for the salvation of the world, the salvation of China and the USA.  I want to spend 30-days in prayer - praying for the salvation of our nations. 

I am unsure what day I am going to start this "30-Days of Prayer for China" but Soon!  Soon I am going to reach out to all my friends and anyone who is willing to join me, we are going to pray together, fasting and praying for 30-days for China: for God to save the Chinese people and our own nation!

Please email me here if you are wanting and willing to join me!

Thank you!  God will hear us!

Love in Christ,