New Rumble Channel

Here is the link to my new Rumble Video - I have just been working on a new series called, "The Signs of the End of the Age".  I am really enjoying sharing this.  It is really encouraging my faith to talk about how everything the Lord said is coming to pass!  It's alarming and awe inspiring to watch all these, at times fearful sights unfolding. 

God always had a plan for us.  The question that remains is, Who will listen and obey?

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Assemble Church! Tonight, Gather!

May 14, 2021


Friends, things are getting intense.

Do not sit there in Shock and Awe watching Fox News... HahahaWe can not.

We can be a part of the the saving of our Nation and Israel!!

Sure you see it in Israel but it's all over the world. You see the news. You know the politics and all these troubles... Israel is the boiling point but there is Russia, Turkey, Iran... there are kidnappings in Nigeria, Covid out-of-control in India, our own political problems, our border, the political infighting and perhaps worse than any of that is CHINA and all the problems coming from that somewhat silent conflict with them and "US".

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New YouTube Channel

We just launched Robert's YouTube Channel, "Jesus Not Religion".  Some of these recordings are older from his show "Good News Seattle" that Robert was airing from 2016-2017. With Coronavirus shutdowns and so many changes to our society we have started posting many of these recordings online and will continue for the immediate future.  Feel free to reach out at if you have any questions or comments for Robert.


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The Book - Order Online -  

Some of you know the many years I have been working on this project.
It is finally published!
You can purchase a print copy and a digital copy both on Amazon
Click this link to purchase the book. 

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