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Assemble Church! Tonight, Gather!

May 14, 2021


Friends, things are getting intense.

Do not sit there in Shock and Awe watching Fox News... HahahaWe can not.

We can be a part of the the saving of our Nation and Israel!!

Sure you see it in Israel but it's all over the world. You see the news. You know the politics and all these troubles... Israel is the boiling point but there is Russia, Turkey, Iran... there are kidnappings in Nigeria, Covid out-of-control in India, our own political problems, our border, the political infighting and perhaps worse than any of that is CHINA and all the problems coming from that somewhat silent conflict with them and "US".

If things go badly right now this could easy turn into WW3. No Joke, friends. I personally believe we are going to pray, God will hear us and intervene - But what if no one prays!?If there was ever a time to Assemble and Pray its TONIGHT! Church Assemble, Worship, Intercede, Pray, fast if you feel called!! Pray into the night. God hears us.

You don't have time to plan this out. You don't have time to plan out some meeting weeks down the road. This is not the time to seek our own glory, the glory of our own churches, recognition, exalting ourselves, trying to look good or religious... It's time to simply get in God's presence! We need FACETIME, but the Real FACETIME! Facetime with our Messiah!!

Go to your church buildings, houses, parks, businesses, it doesn't matter where.. Just Gather, Pray and God will hear "US"!!!Many of you know the news but Israel is on the brink of a major war. Someone (probably Hezbollah) launched a few rockets from the north into Israel!?

God hears us. If we call ourselves Christians then we "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem" - at minimum we PRAY! We have a role, maybe a small role, maybe we are not the Savior's but clearly we have a role to play...There is LOTS of Good News!

God wants Revival to break out. God wants to Save! I am preaching at a very powerful event Sunday - very possible Revival Breaks out Sunday where I'm preaching!! 40-50 young people could very well give their lives to Jesus THIS SUNDAY!!If there was ever a time to pray its TONIGHT.

God wants to Shift everything

The power is in our Christ

He comes because we move His heartWe move Him in PRAYER!!

Believe saints.Believe and gather and Tell Your Father that you Care,

Tell Him you Trust Him and ask Him to COME!!